Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simchas Beis Hashuavah in the Forest

I can’t help but feel
I can’t help but know
I tried to turn away
But You did not let go

Cry from deep inside
Feel yourself go so high
And just cry

See the children dancing
See the people smiling
See the feet flying
See their spirits soaring

From deep inside
Asking myself why
Why, why, why, why, why

Don’t let a minute pass you by
Don’t let a minute waste by
Every minute I wasted
I can’t help but to

Asking myself why
How did I let You go
All I can do is cry

It hurts so bad
I wish it never had to happen
I wish I saw before what I see now
If I could change the clock
I’d start all over
All I could do Is cry

See the women living
See the tzadikim davening
See the people
Just, just, just, just

I, got no other words
All I could .. cry
Cry deep inside
Don’t let a second pass you by
Hold onto your Father up High
Don’t let a minute pass you by
Without asking why

Cry for the lost
Cry for the near
Cry for the ones who fear to come too near
Cry for the helpless
Cry for the hopeless
Cry for the end of this pain
Cry for the past
Cry for the present

Keep on dancing
Keep on singing
And I’ll just cry
Yavo alainu mashiach ben david
No more tears will be cried
No more tears will be cried

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