Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Quote Me, But...

What is a person? A piece of Hashem. Sometimes, a person doesn’t realize he’s a piece of Hashem. He thinks he’s in control of what he’s doing. He thinks his body is what he’s living for. He listens to his body to tell him what to do. When he does that, the piece of Hashem dies a little. When you come in contact with someone whose piece of Hashem has died, it’s your responsibility, your loyalty to your Creator, to reignite their flame so that their piece of Hashem lights up as never before. Don’t judge them because you have no way of knowing anything what’s going on with them, but your job is to try to get the flame going. If you fall for their weakness and judge them on how their body is acting, you make your piece of Hashem die a little. We’re all, one big unification. We all fall, we all have weaknesses, but together we can all reignite the Shechina so that it is One and Complete. Perfect, and pure. And when it is, there will be no more blindness, no more weakness, and no mistakes. A person can succumb to their pain; they can get so blinded to the point of unawareness of their own existence, let alone Hashem’s beautiful world. When a person doesn’t see because he’s in pain, that is a great time to reignite, to show them. Why? Because they’re so blind, whatever you show them will be what they see. Someone who already sees, so they continue to fall for their nonsense, and it’s hard to accept a new perspective of what they think they already know in a different light. But someone in pain, you can kiss away their tears, and show them a whole new world! And now I’ll tell you a secret. Every single person who acts with body and forgets Hashem is in pain! Sometime you understand them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they tell you, but most people keep it hidden, so hidden, even from themselves, that they’re in pain. When you’re with Hashem, so there’s no pain. Because the pain turns into joy, the pain becomes a process of getting closer to Hashem. And if you’re not, so you feel the pain. Every neshama knows what it needs, but sadly a lot of neshamos are hungry, thirsty for nourishment. For closeness to Hashem. If you meet somebody, you could have known them all your life, or just met them but if they’re having a moment of hunger, of soul thirst you must not feed them empty thoughts. You must energize them with food for their soul. Their neshama will soak it all in even if their body/mind can’t comprehend, but the day will come when that body will acknowledge it’s neshama and there will be some nourishment already there. No one is better than the next person, but yes some people are more aware of purpose and meaning, namely Hashem. Then there’s the yetzer hara who will stop in its’ sly conniving ways to get you to also fall for body life. And you might hear voices telling you to instead of reigniting their soul, to reignite their weaknesses, it’s easier. The voices might say to just play along with their nonsense, maybe they won’t even understand what I’m saying… But a mind can forget or not understand, yet a neshama knows and soaks it all in. like putting food in a freezer for future use.. nourish the souls. Fill them up with knowledge of Hashem, with feelings of yearnings, closeness… so that when the day comes, they will open the door to their neshama, and it will have at least a few things in it, if not full. Do it for Hashem. Do it for Mashiach. Do it for the lost people, so that they find themselves on their way home.

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