Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Hate This Feeling Abba

Do you need help connecting to Hashem, to ask Him for help? Here's my little offering. Close ur eyes and really let the feeling seep in when u r done reading:
I'm a little kid, I'm in bed trying to sleep when suddenly I feel like I'm swimming in an ocean. I'm confused, not sure why I feel this way. Then I realize: I peed in my pants.. Emotions start racing, what did I do, I don't like this feeling, I need help I need help I need help.. Slowly I walk to the top of the stairs and in a whimper even I can barely hear I cry out "Abba....Abba....Abbaaaa..Abbaaa!!"
Slowly getting louder but still not loud enough. My heart is racing mý head pounding. I look down and see wet pajamas I'm sticky I hate this feeling.. "Abbbbaaaa!!!!" "Abbaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 
AAAABBBBBAAAAAAAAAA! I made on myself I got myself so dirty!!! I'm in such a messs!!! Abbba I need help!! I'm so helpless so clueless its in middle of the night its dark I'm so scared I made myself dirty wet sticky eweey I'm ashamed I'm upset I wanna get clean I'm getting cold Abbbaaa!!! Come help me!! Abba I need you!! Abbbaaaaa!!!!!!!! I don't know how to get out of this myself, Abbbaaa!!" 
Crying louder and louder tears dripping down my cheeks.. 

The screaming dying down as strong footsteps can be heard coming slowly towards the bottom of the steps.. I'm back to a whimper a soft cry, I called Abba, I cried out loud enough that he can hear me, real enough that He knows I really need him and now he's here... I sniffle between my words now "Abba...sniffle... I'm all wet.. Sniffle... I need u .... Sniffle... Abba... Abbaaa... Abbaa..."

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