Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Letter To G-D

Dear G-d,
Hey G-d, remember me?
We used to be close, just You and me
I’m not sure what exactly grew us apart
But I know, since I left You, I’ve had a broken heart
I wish I can come to You, look You in the eye
And promise I’ll stay with You, as long as I’m alive
But I don’t know where to look, so that I can get that close
And it’s frustrating cuz, I really miss You most.

I heard a lot about You, since I broke off our connection
I heard that You never left me, that You have no imperfections
I heard that You still love me, that no matter how far I go
You see me, and hear me, and guide me as I grow
I heard You never give up, cuz each person is Your child
Even if Your child slips and falls, or goes completely wild
You still love them, and take care of them, and wait for their return
You light a spark inside each soul, and wait for it to burn.

I really miss You, G-d, it’s true
I’m searching everywhere, looking for You
And I know You’re somewhere, right in front of me
Waiting for me to come back to You, and then You’ll let me see.
So, here I am vulnerable and real, running back into Your arms
I’m asking You to hold me tight, to save me from all harm
My soul is aching, I’ve been so lost, please let me back in
I wanna let go of the pain of the past, and with You, a new life begin

My tears are streaming, can’t stop crying,
I want to stop this feeling I have like I’m dying
Help me return to You, to Truth, the only Truth
And while I’m at it, this prayer is for all troubled youth
I love You so much and I missed You, so
Come, let me embrace You with my heart and soul

With love ,
Your daughter

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