Sunday, December 23, 2012


     Let me start by saying Baruch Hashem I no longer feel this way. Even so, I felt the need to still go ahead and post this due to the fact that people need to empathize with others that are going through things like this, and the only way to truly empathize is to really try and step into their shoes. Not based on facts of their lives, but emotions they feel. We need to tune in to others, to be sensitive, even though we may think they're wrapped up in their pain, which may be true, we can try and start unwrapping the tight blanket of misery, and the first step is to understand. With that in mind, may we all never have to endure the pain of no one knowing you are hurting, and may we all reach out to those who are hurting and lend them some band-aids. Through this, we become family, through this we become a nation, one, united to serve Hashem.

I’m hurting
I’m hurting
and there’s nothing else to do but sing a song,
 a lonely song about how
I’m hurting

Can’t you see behind these blank brown eyes
The puddles of tears held back by a dam called pride
Don’t you know, don’t you know, the anger I let show
Is a cover up for my super sensitive soul

I’m hurting 
I’m hurting
I’m hurting, I’m bleedin from the inside
I’m hurting, and it feels better when I hide
But it still hurts
'Cuz I’m hiding my true feelings 
But  when I let them show some people don’t believe me

And it feels like I’m goin round in circles
Running from the same old hell for way too long
But all this time, I keep on trying, keep on standing strong
On the outside but inside me is still torn

Can’t you hear the soft cry of my soul
 Begging silently for a better tomorrow 
Don’t you know, don’t you know  what it feels like
To hurt so bad inside for the millionth time

I've been waiting for the clouds to part
The sun to shine its warmth down on me
And I never tire of gazing at the stars
But  all these thoughts and all this pain
It keeps on hurting again and again
And the clouds they keep together
And the sun hides from my face
And the stars they sadly wink at me from far

I’m hurting
I’m hurting
and there’s nothing else to do but sing a song, a lonely song about how
I’m hurting

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